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Как создать гильдию в monster castle

Как создать гильдию в monster castle

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A guild in Ragnarok Online is a group organization for players who wish to take part in the War of Emperium. However, in the new WoE, guilds who own the castle must protect their territory from other guilds.

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If another guild destroys their Emperium, their castle is claimed! To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewed 55, times.

Как создать гильдию в monster castle

Categories: Ragnarok Online. Learn more Get Emperium. You only need one requirement in order to create a Guild: 1 Emperium.

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Other than that, there are normal monsters that drops Emperium but only has 0. Make a Guild.

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Disband your Guild. This can only be done by guild masters. Invite Guild Members.

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  • Inviting guild members is as easy inviting people in a party. Open your Guild Window. This window is the interface used to change anything related to the guild, and to view information such as online members, number for recruits and many others.

    Как создать гильдию в monster castle

    Click Guild Info Tab. This tab shows the general guild information such as guild level, guild alliances, and rival guilds. Click "Guildsmen" Tab.

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  • All guild members are listed in this tab. The leader is always first, with other members being ordered according to their title.

    Как создать гильдию в monster castle

    You can also see how much they have contributed to your guild as well. Titles of each member can be modified from this tab.

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    Assigning guild officers helps in building a good guild since officers will take care of the group during your absence.

    They can invite recruits and kick unwanted members. Click Position Tab. A total of 20 titles are available and can be set here by the guild leader. The order of titles here will influence the order of members in the Guildsmen tab.

    As mentioned, titles give members the right to kick or invite people in the guild so choose people who you can trust.

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    Click Guild Skills Tab. Guild skills are displayed here. Upon obtaining a new guild level, the extra skill point is allocated in this tab. Using active guild skills is also done in this section.

    Click Expel History Tab.

    During your absence, selected guild officers may or may not have kicked someone out from the guild. You can see the list of people who are kicked out from the guild under this tab, including the small note of reasons why they have removed the player from the guild. Click Guild Notice Tab. Lastly, this tab is where the guild leader writes a two-line guild notice which will be displayed to each member upon logging in or switching maps.

    It is useful for important announcements. Reach the Max Members. The amount of members a guild can hold is 16, this includes the guild Master, by default.

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    This limit can be increased using the Guild Extension skill up to a maximum of 58 members. To have a high number of guild members can be an advantage when it comes to War of Emperium. Assign Guild Tax. To do this, members in the guild must donate their base experience through taxes. After a guild gains a level, one skill point is obtained, which can then be used on a variety of guild skills.

    Help your Members.

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    To have a functional guild, as a leader, you need to become an example. In order for your guild to win the War of Emperium, members must have at least a decent set of equipment.

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  • Helping hand in hand, hunting boss monsters together, and even contributing extra weapon or equipment will likely increase your chance of winning. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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