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Become a better version of yourself. Sign in with Google. Sign in with Facebook. UNCITRAL Outline of the CISG [The UNCITRAL Thesaurus] (A/CN.9/SER.C/GUIDE/1 English 12 September ) [Reproduced with the permission of UNCITRAL]. TP-LINK TL-MR From WikiDevi. Jump to: navigation, search. TP-LINK TL-MR v1.x Availability: now FCC approval date: 21 February Making Trade Agreements Work for You. The Office of Trade Agreements Negotiation and Compliance (TANC) helps make trade agreements work for American exporters and. PDF | Chapter contain description of main research methods of vegetative cover of terrestrial ecosystems. Geobotanical methods, population-based methods, methods of.

Basic Rules of Applicability [Double requirement for applicability Internationality art. Relation to Contracting State art. Agreements to apply Convention: see art. Exclusions from the Convention: Types of Transactions 2A Purchases for personal, family or household use art.

See Part II arts.

See Part II, Ch. Article 9.

International Usages; Practices Established by the Parties 9A International usages: contracts or contract formation 9B Implied agreement on international usage; standards art.

Place of Business ["Place of Business" appears in arts.

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Formal Requirements 11A Writing or other formality for conclusion of contract 11A1 Inapplicability of domestic law But see arts. Criteria for an Offer 14A Basic criterion - intention to be bound in case of acceptance 14A1 Definiteness of key conditions 14A11 Indication of goods 14A12 Determination of quantity and price see art.

Revocability of Offer 16A Revocation that reaches offeree prior to dispatch of acceptance 16B Restriction on revocability art. Acceptance: Time and Manner 18A Criteria for acceptance 18A1 Statement of acceptance 18A2 Other conduct indicating assent 18A21 Acts of performance 18A22 Acts of preparation for performance 18A3 Silence or inactivity insufficient 18A31 Effect of advance approval by offeror 18B Effectiveness - time limits for acceptance art. Acceptance with Modification 19A Reply purporting to accept but containing additions or modifications 19A1 In general, constitutes rejection and counteroffer art.

Withdrawal of Acceptance 22A Permissibility of withdrawal 22A1 Withdrawal must reach offeror before or at date of effectiveness Article Time of Conclusion of Contract 23A Contract concluded when acceptance becomes effective 23A1 Time when acceptance is effective: see art.

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Notification of Avoidance 26A Effective declaration of avoidance 26A1 Notice to the other party required 26A2 Effectiveness of dispatch of notice see art.

Delay or Error in Communications 27A Dispatch of communication by appropriate means 27A1 Effective in spite of delay, error or loss in transmission 27B Exceptions to general rule see arts. Modification or Termination of Contract by Agreement 29A Parties by agreement may modify or terminate the contract 29B Written contract may require writing for modification or termination 29B1 Agreement barring oral modification may not apply 29B11 Conduct on which the other party has relied but see arts.

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Place for Delivery 31A Contracts involving carriage of goods art. Article 31 deals with contractual obligations of the parties. Passing of risk of damage or loss is governed by Chapter IV: articles Shipping Arrangements 32A Obligation to notify of consignment specifying goods art. Time for Delivery 33A On date fixed by or determinable from contract 33B Contract provides period of time for delivery art.

Conformity of Goods to Contract 35A Quality, quantity and description required by contract art. Excuse for failure to comply with art.

Third-party Claims based on Intellectual Property 42A Sellers obligation to deliver goods free from third-party claim based, e. Excuse for Failure to Notify 44A Excuse for failure to notify pursuant to art. Non-conformity of Part of Goods 51A Delivery or conformity of only part of goods 51A1 Rules of apply to part missing or non-conforming 51B Avoidance as to entire contract 51B1 Must be based on fundamental breach of contract as a whole [Avoidance in installment contracts: see article 73] Article Obligation to Pay Price; Enabling Steps 54A Obligation to pay includes enabling steps 54A1 Common examples: arranging for letter of credit 54A2 Failure to take such steps may invoke remedies arts.

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Open-price Contracts 55A Enforceability of agreements that do not make provision for the price; conflicting views: 55A1 Article 14 denies enforcement for lack of definiteness 55A2 Article 14 denies enforcement only when lack of provision for price indicates that parties do not intend to be bound 55A3 When parties intend to be bound, Article 55 upholds the agreement 55A31 Implied agreement on price generally charged for such goods 55A Problem: No general price; see art.

Net Weight 56A Price based on weight, in case of doubt: 56A1 "Net" not "gross" weight -- thus excluding packaging 56A2 Possible applicability of practices of parties and usage art.

Passage of Risk - Goods Sold during Transit 68A Goods sold during transit: General rule on passage of risk 68A1 Risk passes on conclusion of contract 68B Circumstances indicating agreement on risk transfer as of shipment 68B1 Usage art. Suspension of Performance 71A Apparent that a party will not perform substantial part of obligations 71A1 Grounds for suspension by other party art.

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  • Avoidance Prior to Date for Performance 72A When clear that party will commit fundamental breach art. Avoidance in Installment Contracts 73A Fundamental breach with respect to installment art. Damages - General Rules for Measuring 74A Loss suffered as consequence of breach 74A1 Includes loss of profit 74A11 Computation: loss of volume; overhead costs 74B Outer limits of damages; foreseeability of loss 74B1 As possible consequence of breach 74B2 At time of conclusion of contract 74C Other problems Article Avoidance: Damages Established by Substitute Transaction 75A Substitute transaction after avoidance 75A1 Resale by aggrieved seller 75A2 Repurchase by aggrieved buyer 75B Relationship between avoidance and substitute transaction 75B1 Reasonable substitute transaction 75B2 Reasonable period after avoidance 75C Damages recoverable 75C1 Difference between contract price and price in substitute transaction 75D Other problems Article